Ambassador Resources

Welcome! Thank you for serving as a campaign ambassador at your workplace.  We are working on our resources for the 2022 campaign and they will be posted here as they become ready.

The 2022 UWSWMN campaign theme is "Living United to the Power of 5."  “Living United to the Power of 5” is meant to show us how every effort can go so much further when we work together.  So, if each of us takes the time to donate $5, tell 5 friends, give 5 hours, invite 5 people to join in the campaign and then add 5 more, the result will be exponential growth. 

As we’ve learned in math, any number to the 5th power grows quickly.  Five to the 5th power quickly goes from the $5 donation or 5 hours of volunteer time to $3,125 in donations or 3,125 hours of volunteer time.  5 – 25 – 125 – 625 – 3,125.  When we’re all in this together, the ripple effect will lead to substantial impact for every person in every community we serve, every day of the year.  Will you join us?

As a campaign ambassador, you provide an essential link between UWSWMN and your fellow co-workers. This page contains tools and resources to help you run a successful campaign and year-round communications program.

Working together with companies and their employees each year, UWSWMN invites people through the workplace campaign to support so many programs in our community to help people in need and advance the common good for all. Find downloadable materials for this year's campaign below.

If there are items you would like, but don't see here, please contact us at and we'll do our best to help you get what you need to make your employee campaign the best! If you need something in a different format (PDF vs. Word vs. Publisher, etc.), please be in touch.