Community Impact Grant Panel Review Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in the United Way of Southwest Minnesota's (hereafter UWSWMN) Community Impact Grant (hereafter CIG) Panel Review.

Please provide your current information.  If you are selected as a volunteer for the CIG Panel Review, this information will be used for contact purposes and panel assignments.

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Important Dates & Estimated Time Requirements

The volunteers of the CIG Panel Review are responsible for recommending funding for various programs. These recommendations are then presented to the UWSWMN Board of Directors for final approval. The funds raised during the fall campaign of 2023-2024 will be distributed among the awarded programs quarterly starting in July 2024.

If I am selected, I agree to:

  • Give this opportunity my full attention and diligence.
  • Attend volunteer orientation for first-time volunteers or review orientation materials if a returning volunteer.
  • Read and review all funding applications prior to agency presentations.
  • Refrain from personal bias when engaging in fund distribution recommendations.
  • Refrain from voting in the event of a potential conflict of interest.
  • Voice any questions, comments, or concerns to your Panel Chair immediately.
  • Keep the needs of our community residents first.

I will have access to sensitive and confidential information as a CIG Panel Review volunteer. I will treat all information I receive through UWSWMN as confidential, and I will not use this information for any purpose other than to perform my duties.

Please sign this form to indicate that you have read the information and agree to maintain the confidentiality of the UWSWMN and its partners.

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