Our Giving Campaign

Our annual fundraising campaign is the foundation to our mission of uniting people and resources to improve lives and strengthen communities in southwest Minnesota.

The domino effect.  A cumulative effect produced when one event sets off a chain of similar events.  We’ve all experienced it; in comical times when one item is knocked over and the rest follow and the not so comical and visual times when it feels like one life event or struggle after another keeps happening and we’re not sure when it will stop.  

Our communities are like that too.  A need arises and it affects all of us, we all tumble down. Together, we are impacted.  Together, we can decide what’s next.  When our communities are stronger, we all are.   In fact, Every Person in Every Community can work together to improve lives and strengthen their community.

United Way of Southwest Minnesota is committed to responding to the needs in our service area that impact all of us.  As a supporter of our work and mission, you are committed to making southwest Minnesota a better place now and for the future.  

Will you please consider a financial contribution this year?  Every donation, no matter the amount, is foundational to the success of our communities.  In order to keep moving forward, together, we need your help.


Join us and be part of the YOU in your community. 

Check out how donations to our last year's campaign are at work making a local impact:

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Want to learn about who can apply for funding from us and how to apply for funding?

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