Our Giving Campaign

We've wrapped up our 2021-22 campaign.  CLICK HERE to view our campaign announcement video.  
DONATIONS ARE ACCEPTED YEAR AROUND AT https://www.unitedwayswmn.org/donate

Have you ever attended a theater production without the stage lights on? If so, you probably realized that it was hard to see and it really wasn’t the same as when the lights are up and shining brightly on the actors and sets. 
kids running photographThis is a great example to illustrate WHY United Way of Southwest Minnesota is needed in our communities. It takes a team of people to put together a production just like it takes a team of people to make our communities stronger.  Sometimes we don’t realize how much we need something until suddenly we don’t have it, like the lights at a theater production.  Or maybe it’s…

•    Electricity at the food shelf
•    A reading tutor at the school
•    Home delivered meals for seniors 
•    Advocates for victims of domestic violence
•    New school supplies for students 

What would southwest Minnesota be like without some of these programs that people rely on to eat, improve literacy skills or call upon when they are in a crisis? Our mission is to unite people and resources to improve lives and strengthen our communities.  With your help, we can continue to set the stage on a solid foundation built by all of us working TOGETHER.  

Only by working together can we support better living conditions for
Every Person in Every Community,
Every Day of the Year. 

Watch our 2021 campaign video to learn more.

“The thought of leaving has always been overwhelming. Though the abuse that my children and I faced every single day, sometimes multiple times a day, was physically and mentally painful, the thought of leaving to get us out safely, was a paralyzing thought. So many things to consider - what if he finds out, what if he stops us, how will I afford life on our own. Will he truly ruin my life if I leave as he tells me every day? When I finally had the privacy and the safe opportunity to call WRAP, they jumped into action and helped us make the perfect safe escape. We are forever grateful for the advocates we had at WRAP. They saved our lives. For the first time in over 15 years, I am not walking around my home in fear, & neither are my kids.”        
                                                                                                          - WoMen’s Rural Advocacy Program (WRAP) Client

Please join us in changing lives!

Will you please consider a financial contribution to our campaign this year?  By investing in our work, you are part of working behind the scenes to “make sure the lights are on” so our communities and those living in them can flourish, every day of the year. 

CLICK HERE to see examples of how donations to last year's campaign are making a difference every day of the year!


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