$502,000! I am blown away by this number.  When so many things in our world right now seem uncertain, it is inspiring to witness generosity.  Our donors can be certain that their investment in United Way of Southwest Minnesota will make a difference right here in southwest Minnesota.  Whether it’s your grandkids that receive Imagination Library books, your co-worker that was helped through a domestic violence situation or a neighbor who recently lost their job and needs some food support during the transition.  That is your investment at work.  I’m proud of the work we are doing. I’m proud of our staff for their commitment, passion and efforts.  I’m proud of our board for their support and guidance.  And I’m proud of our donors for trusting their investment with us and believing in our mission.  Thank you, thank you, thank you a millions times over.   

The sign above my desk reads, “We Rise by Lifting Others,” a powerful and pertinent reminder as we look ahead. 

In appreciation,