Wild About Reading: Meet at the Trail

The United Way of Southwest Minnesota is thrilled to announce the annual summer reading program, Wild About Reading: Meet at the Trail!  This program will promote literacy development while incorporating movement and hands on activities for children.  The activities include:  interactive stories, an exercise card activity, Born Learning Trail exploring, scavenger hunt, parachute games, activity dice, and a life size bowling game.  

Wild About Reading: Meet at the Trail will be held from 9:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m. at each permanent Born Learning Trail site or future site in the following communities:  East Bay Park in Balaton, Lake Park in Cottonwood, City Park in Currie, Veterans Park in Dawson, City Park in Fulda, Rice Park in Granite Falls, Veterans Memorial Park in Hendricks, Heinz Park in Lake Wilson, City Park in Walnut Grove, and Southwest Amateur Sports Center in Marshall (future site).

June:                                                                                                               July:                                                    

5th- City Park, Fulda                                                                                     11th- City Park in Walnut Grove

6th - Veterans Memorial Park, Hendricks                                                     16th- Rice Park, Granite Falls

18th- City Park, Currie                                                                                  18th- Veterans Park, Dawson

20th- East Bay Park, Balaton - rescheduled for July 10th                          24th- Heinz Park, Lake Wilson

25th- SW Amateur Sports Center, Marshall                           

26th- Lake Park, Cottonwood - rescheduled for July 2nd

Parents, caregivers and child care providers are encouraged to bring their preschool or young children to the Trail nearest to them and enjoy the fun. Child care providers who attend with the children in their care will receive a bag of books for their daycare. Other children in attendance will receive a free book.   Programming is free and brought to you by the United Way of Southwest Minnesota.  Activities will be geared toward pre-school age learners, but all ages are welcome.