Together, we are STRONGER

I feel very blessed that each day I come to work I have the opportunity to witness the generosity from both people I’ve had the privilege to meet and those that I haven’t or may never meet.  It never becomes routine to me when I open the mail or review a digital contribution, each one impacts me a little differently.  Sometimes I know them and I smile because it brings joy to me that I know someone that gave to UWSWMN! Sometimes I see they are from out of our area and I wonder what their connection to our part of the world is.  Sometimes a donor will include a small note on what you can tell is their fun notepad that they make their grocery list on, those are the best!

As campaign winds down and comes to an end on January 31st, we can’t thank all of our donors enough for your support.  We know this past year has been tough.  As we move forward, let’s continue to walk beside one another, lifting each other up as we go along.   Together, we are STRONGER.