Shirts, Gift Cards and SNOW!

Shirts, Gift cards and SNOW!

Uffda! That’s all I have today, folks! Just kidding. 

I think that is how we are all feeling after this burst of winter this week (and more on the way!?).  The snow may have caught us all by surprise but the good news is that I’ve got a few other exciting things to share to get your mind off the snow!

We are selling Every Person Every Community t-shirts through Borch’s Sporting Goods.  Add to your collection, buy for your family or work team.  They would even make a great Christmas gift!  The best part is that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to UWSWMN.  The shirt features the state of Minnesota with a heart in southwest Minnesota.  I look forward to styling my gold shirt with some of my favorite cardigans!  Here is the link to order your shirt by October 25th:

Normally we would be collecting personal hygiene items leading up to United Acts of Kindness Week on November 16-20.  Due to COVID, we will be having a gift card drive again to collect gift cards and monetary donations that can be used to purchase hygiene supplies.  Hygiene supplies continue to be ongoing need with local human service providers and at our schools.  Learn more about the gift card drive here:

Lastly, I want to mention a really cool and easy way to donate to UWSWMN---the RoundUp program.   When you connect your card to our giving platform, you can choose to have every purchase you make on that card round up to the nearest dollar, donating the extra change to our organization to make an impact on the lives of local people.  You can set a monthly limit.  For example, your limit could be $5.00 a month which would provide 2 children a book in the mail each month for an entire YEAR!    Visit this link to learn more:

Stay warm!