Safety & Well-Being

We’ve been focusing on each of our priority areas for the last few months. This month our focus has been on safety & well-being. Two very important parts of our lives that maybe some of us (myself included) take for granted.  The good news is that we have many local programs in our area that increase access to various services that are vital in keeping people safe that attend to their well-being too.  That is what I love most about some of our program partners like Domestic Violence Services (WoMen’s Rural Advocacy Program), Crime Victims Services (New Horizons Crisis Center) and The Refuge (United Community Action Partnership).  
These programs focus on the well-being of the whole client.  For one client, they might hold their hand while the victim is being questioned by police and secure a safe location for the victim (and family) for the night.  Another client may need assistance in finding employment while living in safe housing or at The Refuge.  Program advocates may help the victim through difficult court appearances or paperwork.  Sometimes, the advocates are the only person that a victim feels they can trust.  What a gift to a person’s well-being to trust another person to help them during a scary and uncertain time of their life.
As we approach the holiday season, take a moment to be grateful for these vital services offered in our area to keep our friends and neighbors safe.  
Happy Holidays!