Putting the south and west in ‘southwest’ Minnesota this week!

It appears that we welcomed back fall (at least for this week) which means perfect driving conditions!  Sunglasses on, seat belt buckled and radio tunes turned up! 

This week I headed west on Highway 19 with stops in Ivanhoe and Hendricks.  There are some great businesses in each of these communities—a few stuck out to me—a bakery, a boutique and a brewery.  Head west and be sure to make stops in both of these great communities.

Later this week, I’ll be in Tracy visiting at the food shelf.  Stay tuned for a video featuring them. I also get to swing by the Tracy Elementary school to deliver a fun prize package they won from Read for the Record last week—way to go Panthers!

We’re also in the planning stages of hosting our annual Beer Dinner event virtually on January 22, 2021.   More details coming soon!

United Acts of Kindness Week is coming up on November 16-20.  I’ll talk more about this next week.  I read a comment somewhere that said “but shouldn’t we be kind year round instead of just one week?”  Absolutely.  Think of Kindness Week as your re-charge.  Focus on kindness more intentionally and perhaps it will re-energize you for the other 51 weeks.   It’s kind of like a vacation, we need to find moments to relax year round but sometimes we need to take a designated week and focus on it!

Enjoy the nice weather this week!