Meet Melanie Pedersen, UWSWMN Board Chair

‘LIVE UNITED!’    ‘Every Person. Every Community.’

These are calls of togetherness.   Neighbors supporting neighbors.   

The United Way of SWMN embodies bringing people together to support each other.    It is this continued demonstration from the people in the 35 communities of SWMN through volunteering, donations, community partners and beneficiaries of the United Way that inspire me.   This is such a great demonstration of people holding each other up.

One of my favorite sayings is ‘Teamwork make the Dream Work!’.    One of the dreams that keeps me going is seeing people of all walks of life helping each other out for the common good.   For me the United Way continually delivers on this dream.   The United Way has created an environment where anyone can contribute time to help someone out, money to make an impact on our local community and somewhere for community members to reach out when there is a hard time in front of them.   It is this circle of support that is so very inspiring.

With the focus on health, education, hunger, financial stability and safety & well-being of our communities I am continually impressed with the number of people impacted by this organization.    From food shelves, meals on wheels, food for children and seniors to literacy programs including internal program such as Imagination Library, Read for the Record to tax clinics and emergency initiatives such as the COVID19 emergency program – people from all walks of life come together to help each other.  

I am grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful organization who embodies unity.  Thank you, United Way of SWMN!   #LIVE UNITED!

--Melanie Pedersen

UWSWMN Board Chair