Hunger Priority Area: Increasing food access, nutritional awareness and outreach.

  • Connect people to food support efforts/programs/opportunities.
  • Increase access to food and/or nutritious meals for people in need.
  • Increase nutritional awareness, food budgeting/stretching and/or basic cooking skills.

The following programs have been invested in with funds raised in our 2019 Campaign:


The following are links to these organizations/programs:

Fulda Food Shelf
Lake Benton Community Services - Food Shelf
Community Meal Program in Marshall by Loaves & Fishes 
utheran Social Services - Senior Meals
arshall Food4Kids
rairie Five Community Action Council

Canby Food Shelf
Senior Meals

Tracy Long-Term Recovery
Tyler Area Food Shelf
United Community Action Partnership - Food Shelves

If you are interested in applying for a grant in the Hunger priority area for your program, more information is available: